Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Trip of a lifetime

There are stories that capture the attention and imagination of everyone who comes into contact with it. They're the type of adventures that leave you with amazement, envy and the feeling of 'Why didn't I think of that', all at the same time.

Wasn't sure what to expect when I clicked on the news story from Ohio's Lantern titled 'Balloon twisting funds motorcycle trip' but certainly had no clue that it would be one of 'those stories'.

Except for a few small roadtrips on his BMW F650 Dakar motorcycle, student Matt Tyson had no real plans for his summer break. Then it hit him.

"I wanted to see what was out there that I hadn't seen," he said. "(I wanted to alleviate) any misconceptions from not being surrounded by other cultures and environments." With that Tyson sought to discover the different values and customs of citizens in other parts of the country with what ended up being a 11, 884 mile roadtrip, earning money for gas and food by making balloon animals at the different stops along the way.

Using his balloon making talents, sense of adventure and the brotherhood of a BMW Owners national forum board known as the Chain Gang he set out with no definitive plans, a limited budget but obviously a huge appetite for adventure.

With his digital camera and the computers of gracious hosts, he documented the trip and it's an amazing read of sleeping in fields, repairing his bike after spills and from all the miles put on it.

Read it as it happened on the Chain Gang Forum Board and you'll see that not only is the motorcycle spirit still alive and well, the brotherhood of riding is stronger than ever.

Totally astounding read.

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