Saturday, December 24, 2005

Screw it! Just say Merry Christmas!!

Here we are on the eve of Christmas day. The stores are full of men desperately looking for the items on a list which was probably written as long ago as early November. Hey, I'm not complaining or making fun. As matter of fact, my indecision brought me some unexpected gifts of my own!

My sister and riding buddy were the last two people I needed to get something for and it was only late Friday that I caved in and asked the brother-in-law for some ideas. His suggestion of the first season of ER had me at Best Buy today.

Side note, explaination and boast. Theres a half mile section of Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale that has Best Buy, CompUSA, Barnes and Noble, Some nice ale houses and best of all, a Harley Davidson dealership. All the toys and needs of every man right there! What makes it sweeter is the Best Buy and Harley Dealership are either side of the ale house. God bless whoever planned this.

So as I waited to pull into Best Buy to get my sisters gifts I noticed tents, food and more than the usual collection of bikes at the Harley dealership. The girlfriend didn't even try to argue about going there after our visit to Best Buy and needless to say, we didn't meander too long after buying the needed DVD. Just as well. Harley was selling all their old apparel at ridiculously low prices. T-shirts that retailed for $23.95 - $40 were being sold for $5, jackets at 75% off and sunglasses for an equally unheard of price. Needless to say I bought 6 shirts for the cost of one at the usual prices.

Even though the t-shirts were of the sleeveless variety, the fact that we rode around in shorts, t-shirts and with the top down on the convertible will give you idea how warm our current warm spell is here in South Florida. I could wear one of the new Harley shirts as soon as our scheduled bike ride on Monday morning!

That was me...thank you, thank you
Coming out of Best Buy we were solicited by the Toys for Tots to donate money for needy children this Christmas. When I mentioned I already donated during the Toy Run we had all the volunteers crowd around and ask questions, talk about the event and some of them even told me about their own motorcycles.

You always have a friend when you ride!

This is going to be a really quick blog...parties to go to, people to see and presents to open!

I want to wish you and yours a very safe and wonderful Christmas and Holiday!

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