Sunday, June 06, 2010

Please to meet you, I think you know my name

So the question has to be asked, are the journeys we take lasting if they are never shared?

A large part of me hopes so, that the memory of past adventures will live on, albeit in a smaller group of friends who may have heard the mile by mile tale over a beer or barbeque. If one doesn't update their blog in absolute years, then one can only hope this theory is true.

It has been a long time, years in fact. But as with many bloggers who appear to disappear in a cyberspace void, real life and other interests (mostly motorcycle related) took over. But if the reason to have motorcycle blog is bring the enjoyment of riding to countless others, then I've manage to do the first but obviously failed on carrying out the last, which is relay those adventures here.

And quite frankly, for the sake of a blog that is essentially the most important part.

This blog was started in August 2005, which means its quickly approaching its fifth anniversary. The blog was started because I had bought my first motorcycle (Harley-Davidson Softail Deuce) in March 2005, which means I've ridden past my five years of being in the saddle.

Although no where near many other bloggers who lay down a multitude of miles, I can proudly say that I officially have over 18,000 miles on my motorcycle. I feel I've grown up from the wide eyed kid who needed to push the handlebars on a curve to believe countersteering really did work the way they claimed in safety class to someone who will seriously buy his first touring motorcycle in the next twelve months.

As if a witness to this time, and miles in the saddle, this is the first weekend of the last three that I'm at home, with the others spent racing up to the middle of Florida trying to find some quiet open roads with little traffic.

I've kept mental notes, took the pictures, all in the hope of blazing back onto these pages in glorious fashion with pictures stories to amaze and a whole new look to the blog. Somehow, the original template was lost in the years of lying dormant, but I consider myself lucky to be able to claim back the blog address along with all the past posts.

Riding down a familiar road so to speak.

A lot has happened since the last post. The motorcycle industry has ridden on such a rough road everyone has a sneaking suspicion the asphalt may have stopped a few miles back. This can be seen locally in South Florida with Bruce Rossmeyer's empire of a chain of local dealers closing one by one. We've gone from three in Broward County to two with rumors that will soon be one.

And its not just Harley, the Triumph/Ducati dealer in Broward shut his doors and I saw the owners of the Palm Beach Ducati dealership at a local small motorcycle event in Broward County trying to drum up business.

So as I collect my thoughts, slap up some pictures, look up some old blogging buddies and share the new ones I've enjoyed but have slipped past your radar, look for some new travels and insights to make their way onto these pages.

Might even get around to the template.



德慈美玉 said...
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Anonymous said...

Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today.............................................................

Steve said...

I guess that raises the question, "if someone goes on a motorcycle ride, and no one is around to read about it, did it ever really happen?" I try to write about my riding adventures, but instead of writing a recap of where I rode to, I write about my thoughts and opinions. Well, hope you keep the blog updated, I'll check back.

Gymi said...

Glad to have you back, It's been a while.