Friday, September 09, 2005

Day Five of my English Trip

Still in England visiting family, enjoying fish and chips as well as some unusually nice weather. It's been fairly rain free getting into the upper-seventies, that is after I do that annoying conversion from celcius (or centigrade) to farenheit. Even with the cloudless skies and beautifully warm sunshine a quick hand out the window as we're driving along tells me that leathers and warm gloves would be needed to ride over here.

And it would be beautiful riding indeed. I'm staying in the north part of Norfolk, a farming county in the mid-eastern part of England with lucious rolling hills and fields of various shapes and colors. Unlike anything I've seen anywhere else, nothing is regular or landscaped giving you the feeling you're looking that the same countryside someone two hundred years ago would see. Minus the cars and tractors of course, but I think you get the idea.

I've managed to see a few bikes, nowhere near the groups I saw on the ride from the airport last sunday. My family tells me that 'a lot' of them meet in the local seaside town Hunstanton just thirteen miles from here every Sunday afternoon. That would the same Sunday afternoon I have to be at my mothers house for an open house so all our relatives can come and pay grace to my sister, her kids and myself. Kissing of the ring-fingers optional I guess. Regardless, I'll miss the motorcycle crowd in favor for the aunt that refuses to shave before she kisses.

I do have some pictures of the gorgeous countryside that screams to be ridden on two wheels, the few motorcycles I've seen (mostly sports bike of course) and some interesting things that could only be appreciated by eyes of someone who doesn't live here. I just have to get them from my storage card in my camera onto a disc at one of the camera stores in town. Patience, everything moves that much slower here, including as I've discovered what little customer service there is.

Funny bits in the news though, and I wanted to bring these to you while they're still fresh like this little ditty about air-bags on bikes.

Gold Wing riders are proud they own the cadillac of motorcycles and Honda's 2007 models are going to bring them that much closer to an automobile. Japan Today reports Honda Motor Co will install its new motorcycle air bag system on the Gold Wing motorcycle in 2006. The system, which Honda says is the world's first air bag system for mass-produced motorcycles, will help reduce the severity of injuries caused by frontal collisions. It comprises of an air bag module which includes the air bag and the inflator, crash sensors which monitors acceleration changes, and an electronic control unit which performs calculations to instantly determine when a collision is occurring.

I didn't say they could do it
Not motorcycle related but awfully funny, some local police officers are in serious trouble because they let fire and rescue cut the roof off of a brand new patrol car!

Police have had to scrap a £20,000 ($40,000) patrol car after the roof was cut off by firefighters to reach a crash victim. The young driver had walked freely to the police car after a minor collision in West Lynn on Tuesday, but it was ripped apart on the advice of paramedics when he started complaining of back pain.

Lynn's (the local) fire station manager Richard Dromey, who was at the scene, said: "The well-being of the injured person must always come first in any accident. In this instance, the risk of permanently damaging the injured person very clearly outweighed any other consideration."

It's so important that the condition of the young driver isn't known. Read the entire story at the Lynn News and Advertiser.

Is the suntan lotion included
Always happy to hear anyone's getting a new ride I read with interest how the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) is getting three new motorcycles. The pictures in the Caymen Net News article is a little unclear but they look like Harleys!

Speaking with Cayman Net News, Motorcycle Officer, Ian Yearwood explained: “The RCIPS always had motorcycle police officers. Prior to Hurricane Ivan the fleet was up to five. However, we lost 2 motorcycles in the hurricane."

Just to prove that it's the same everywhere, they have a shortage of women who want to ride on the police force in the Caymen Islands as well!

And finally, once again bikers are proving what big hearts we really have with two charity events coming up.

Don Hylland and friend Christina Raidl are the organizers of the Born to Be Wild Motorcycle Run, now in its third year and happening this Sunday. It benefits the Palm Shores hospital which treats 3,800 wildlife patients each year, many of which are victims of cars, pets or human development according to Florida Today. Com.

A Minnesota woman is organizing a series of motorcycle rallies across the country this weekend to raise money for Sept. 11, 2001 rescue workers. WCCO reported that Diane Sherwood of Luverne, Minn. said respiratory problems are common among workers who were at Ground Zero. She said 12 "Remember Rally" events are scheduled in 10 states Saturday. Two events will be held in Minnesota, in Hastings and Luverne. Money raised will to go New York to help with medical expenses.

That's it from me in merry ol' England, so if you'll excuse me while I brew up a spot of tea and put some cream on my crumpets I'll wish you a good night!

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