Sunday, September 25, 2005

Unpacked, repacked and endless time on planes

Arrived home from England on the 17th only to turn around and spend a week in Atlanta on business. I literally unpacked my vacation clothes from England and repacked my business attire, driving to the airport the next day. Managed to sneak in a ride on the Sunday afternoon before I flew out again though. Nice to be on the bike again.

Got back from Atlanta Friday night and was on the bike by 3pm the next afternoon, 'just while the clothes washed', I told myself. Five hours later.......

So now here I sit at my computer, still washing clothes getting back settled in, that is until I pick up my girlfriend at the airport who timed her European trip perfectly to start at the end of my English vacation. Consequently, we haven't seen each other in three weeks. Hmmmm.

Have just enough time to post some pics from my English trip though!

On the ride from the airport.

Just after I saw a group of Harley riders in a small village, I spotted this Heritage at a roadside restaurant.

Nice bike......look how bundled up they are!

Day Five

Went to a seaside town about twelve miles from my families house and didn't get to see many motorcycles at all.

But then found some riders...but wheres the bike???

By mid-afternoon I found the seemingly unofficial official meeting spot for riders as one bike after another turned up and strangers became friends.

Nice turnout for a midday during the week.

What do english bikers talk about???? How bloody cold it is to ride around there!!!!

Arriving to the party...

notice the three-quarter helmet....

Riding around a warm day in Hunstanton, known locally as 'Sunny Hunny' (usually said sarcastically) in matching leather.

Doesn't ANYONE own a cruiser here?

Riding in traffic

In case you were wondering what our English counterparts deal with on the road, heres a picture of a sports bike riding on one of the most major road types at around 3pm on a weekday.

Not many bikes, some trucks and a lot of tiny cars!

BMW making a showing on Englands A-roads...

Spotted a small CC biker, obviously his main form of transport....

Look at the size of his's bigger than the bike!

Outside a grocery store. Bear in mind its a beautiful summers day with everyone wearing short sleeved shirts...except for the biker that is!

My brothers hand-painted leather motorcycle jacket he hasn't worn (since he hasn't ridden) in about six years.

Day Ten

Found the area where the bikers that use their motorcycle as the main form of transport actually park.

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