Thursday, January 26, 2006

Girl Scouts, Tattoos and Harleys

There I was, in the last part of a very long and intense two day corporate training course listening to our instructor review the last module we'd studied. Since I was somewhat comfortable with the subject matter (probably the only part of the training I could say that about) I doodled away feigning attention. The guy sitting next to me, who's more a friend than colleague, saw the helmeted skull on my notepad.

When he whispered how evil it looked I smiled and told him it was an idea for the tattoo I wanted to get. He looked at me and I could've sworn the instructor did as well, with a slight pause and glance. Even though we have locations from coast to coast we're a relatively small company and over the last six months, as well as many, many training sessions, I've been lucky enough to have her facilitate the classes. She's had real-life experience with all the subject matter that's taught, open to new ideas, has a great sense of humor and her North Carolinian humor is sharp, if not innocent.

When the module review was over she came to my colleague and I, commenting on her impressions of the different people attending the course and how I seemed the most professionally and impeccably dressed.

"And then I hear you talking about a skull tattoo and remember you ride a Harley," she said in that Carolinian accent, "and I just find it hard to imagine!"

I admitted to a different appearance when riding and at the end of the day would be hard pressed to decide which attire was more comfortable, or even more me.


Spot the Girl Scout Troop
I wrote in Monday's Blog about the great opportunity to buy Girl Scout cookies for our service men and women serving overseas. If you didn't read it, excuses can come in the form of a note from your spouse or mother, whichever has the most charge over your life. If I get two notes from the same person, not only are you excused but you'll have my sympathy. A quick recap; you can pay for however many boxes of cookies you'd like, ask the Girl Scouts to send them to the troops and they'll let you write something personal on the reciept that'll be delivered along with the treat.

Monday night I paid for some such cookies to be sent to our men and women in uniform at my local Publix (a grocery chain in these parts), and surprised when assaulted by Girl Scouts sitting in exactly the same place on Tuesday night. As I explained about buying some the night before the adult in charge of the troop just shook her head and told me, 'That was a different Girl Scout Troop last night'.

They're time-sharing my Publix? Is this like getting a ticket where I have to write badge numbers down for recourse? How many Girl Scouts are there? I mean, it's bad enough they have the cookie drive only twenty-odd days into the new year when dieting resolutions are just starting to weaken.

Helmet Debate starting early
With Massachusetts considering new helmet legislation over the next few weeks, bikers could be in store for a whole new riding experience as early as this summer. The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association has announced that a new piece of legislation, which would make helmets optional, is scheduled to go before the Senate for a vote on Feb. 1.

This State is putting a price on choice though. As the bill stands a rider would either have to have six years of proven experience or pass a motorcycle safety course as well as carry private health insurance or $50,000 in optional medical coverage.

If its passed and the Govenor signs the bill, the law would take effect as of July 1st. It'll be interesting to see how smoothly this passes and if so, how many other states follow suit.

Leaving on a Harley note!
So earlier this week Harley Davidson and the National Hot Rod Association announced an exclusive, multi-tiered sponsorship package that includes designation as the Official Motorcycle of NHRA, title sponsorship of the popular NHRA Sportsman Motorcycle Series and an extraordinary promotion that will provide NHRA fans the chance to win Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

"We are extremely excited to welcome the Harley-Davidson Motor Company and its vast dealer network into the NHRA family of sponsors," said Gary Darcy, NHRA senior vice president for sales and marketing. "It is the perfect partnership. Nothing says 'Made in America' more than Harley-Davidson and the National Hot Rod Association. We are thrilled with the many activation tools Harley-Davidson is bringing to NHRA and we feel this new partnership provides a great opportunity for Harley-Davidson enthusiasts to go for a ride as they take in the sights, sounds and smells that are as unique to NHRA Drag Racing as the sound of a Harley-Davidson on the open road."

I'm sure the lovefest will get even more intense when some of those free Harleys are given away in various NHRA related contests and competitions.

Harley's media-machine will be in full gear when it develops the interactive display in NHRA's 'Nitro Alley' which will allow fans to get a taste of the Harley-Davidson experience through engaging product displays, racing and technical seminars and a special dyno-drag racing simulator using V-Rod motorcycles.

Between this and the new dealerships in China, 2006 is starting off as a very busy year for the American Legend.

Read the full news release from the NHRA.


KT Did said...

I understand...My life before was full of Judges and Lawyers and political fundraisers, yada yada and so on...So I never look the part of a woman who rides. I always get the person who corners me and asks detailed questions on what riding is all about, but never will they ask in "public" at these soirees. I always get the big Doe-eyed look-- and the conversation always moves into "hey did you hear about the guy on the bike that got hit...." The reason why I go on with this is...I am now considering a tatoo also...funny but I think at my old age I can...more good political party conversation. I think I need a cookie tatoo.

Gymi said...

Being that my daughter is a Girl Scout, I am up to my armpits with the cookies every year. It’s nice to be able to buy some for the men and women serving our country and give them a little piece of home. As for the tats’ I have a couple and people that I know are always surprised when they see them. They are on my biceps, and since I’ve had some problems with skin cancer they are under a shirt most of the time. So remember kids, don’t forget the sun screen.

Later, Gymi