Monday, January 23, 2006

Just the right thing to do

Although not related to motorcycles or riding, I forgot to mention something important in my last blog, and rather than let the days slip by and miss the window of opportunity, it gets it's very own blog entry!

You may've noticed that not only are there more than the normal amount of young girls hanging around outside the local grocery store, but they're also wearing badge filled saches. This can only mean that the season that kills every diet and New Years resolution is upon us, Girl Scout Cookie time!

The reason I bring this up is because this year you can buy a box of cookies for our troops serving overseas. Its a thoughtful way of bringing a little piece of America to the men and women stationed overseas, far away from home. There is no extra charge for shipping and they should offer to let you write something on a reciept that will accompany the box when its delivered directly from the manufacturers.

Not only is this a thoughtful gift and you can say you're supporting the Girl Scouts, but you don't have the guilt of the extra calories you would've had when you demolished the box even before getting back to your house.


KT Did said...

Ahhh. Another opportunity for eating cookies and helping our nations best...thanks for the heads up...I'll make sure to bring the extra $$ for our people in the service.

Dawn said...

Thanks for passing that information along. I don't need anymore cookies at my house, per my hips, and jeans that are tight, but I love the thought of sending some to the our guys in the service.