Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Going from Crown-Molding to tattoo's

Wow. Nearly a week since my last blog. I didn't even miss that many days when visiting England last September.


They are words no proud motorcycle owner really likes to hear and quite frankly doesn't know how to respond too.

"You're lucky you can't see your bike right now."

My riding buddy who lets me keep the Deuce parked safely in his garage has gotten the home rennovation bug and is tackling it with the same zeal given to every new project that catches his attention. When a new thought or focus comes into his life, the guy becomes superhuman with the effort and time he gives to it. I noticed this when he bought his 33' Grady White early last year. He would spend hours, first reading about every which way you can clean, customize and maintain a boat and then pour even more manhours as well as a considerable amount of money into the new hobby.

This home improvement started off innocently enough with repairs from Hurricane Wilma. Then I noticed magazines and books on how to lay stone paths and build brick walls. One set of double doors were replaced, and then another only this set being slightly more elaborate. Now the external projects has spread into the interior and I understand the tile has been ripped up and built in wall unit ripped out. Goodbye spanish tile and tube tv, hello marble and flat screen.

It was at this point in the tale the ominous sentence was thrown out during a telephone conversation. Evidently he moved his motorcycle to his workplace (the advantage of owning your business) to make room for the various crown molding and other building supplies filling the garage.

My poor old Deuce is in the middle of all of it. That sound resounding through cyberspace would be my heart breaking. Could be the sobbing. Nope, definitely a heartsinking noise.

It wouldn't really matter since I've been working every second to get this work project finished before I head up to Daytona Bike week on March 3rd. Between the work and trying to figure out what to do to the Deuce for its first birthday, the time has flown by. I'm so over talking to the different 'experts' about the pipes that I'm not going to bore you with another episode. Should know definitely by Friday whats going on and when it'll be done.

Must everything be an ordeal
I mentioned the interaction I had with co-workers over a tattoo design I'd like to have done. Well I'm not getting such warm feedback from my friends either. As matter of fact, the girlfriend was the most diplomatic I've ever seen her as she'd obviously prefer another design, but not wanting to upset me or stand in the way.

I understand that an evil looking skull wearing a half-helmet may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it would look incredibly cool. And aren't we, as bikers usually a multifaceted bunch anyway defying society to pigeonhole us?

Rather than dig out the soapbox (kept conveniently in the back pocket for such occassions) and give this impassioned plea, I suggested that maybe I find a tattoo place that can put on a Henna version and live with it for a few weeks first. This'll give me the chance to observe the reaction of friends, family and find out exactly how many young children would run to hide behind their mothers skirts in a terrified fit.

Good job my neice and nephew are in their teens and into Harry Potter. Like I could get anything tattoo'd that would surprise or scare them?

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