Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Counting down those biking days....

A weatherfront is heading towards South Florida and I find myself wishing away the days, trying to will Thursday or Friday to get here quicker and before the storms. Since this isn't a tanning, boating or even volleyball blog, it's obvious I want to get a ride in before the weather turns, or at the very least teases with beautiful sunshine during the week and rain on the weekend.

Sometimes wearing a suit to work is such a pain! Actually it's always a pain, but thats for another time. My non-riding friends will occassionally ask why I don't use my bike during the week. Hmmmmm. Smell on clothes, helmet-hair, scuffed shoes. Let me count the reasons.

I'm sure I miss out on many oh-my-god moments, just like the one Gymi wrote about yesterday on Gymi's Place. I mean how many weaving eighty year old men do you have steering their truck with his knees just so he can continously give you the bird?

Actually Gymi's had some great posts even one about motorcycle blogging, so do yourself a favor, visit his blog and scroll down a few entries and see if you can guess what he'll write about next.

Dearly beloved
I was greeted with some sad, heartbreaking news at work yesterday. A sweet lady I work with stopped me in the hall with the question, "You ride a motorcycle don't you?"

I'm never quite sure how to answer this question, probably because I'm never sure if it is indeed a question or more an accusation. I found out that her son wants to sell his brand new Shadow because he already has a one child and another on the way and he wants to do the smart thing by his family. The woman I worked with asked if I knew anyone who wanted to buy it.

I can only imagine what a difficult decision that had to be.

An interesting work story here. We had the head of our bank's Human Resources department visiting on Monday. As one of those get to know you exercises we had to go around the room, introduce ourselves, how long we'd worked at the bank and what we'd like for christmas.

Hoping my birthday luck of getting something really expensive for my Deuce would spill over to the holidays, I added saddlebags and the fixtures to the room's ongoing list of world peace, jewelery, a boyfriend (true) and a good nights sleep (his wife is about to have a baby). All of a sudden the room erupted into what were saddlebags, yes he does ride a motorcycle, no not to work, they cost how much?

Why didn't I just ask for socks?

How fast?
Looks like BMW got their birthday present early in the form of a landspeed record. There'll be no more arguements who has the fastest bike at the mixed bike night anymore as a 2006 production model BMW K 1200 S set a world land speed record in the 1000 - 1350 cc stock, motorcycle class at Utah's famed Bonneville Salt Flats.

The motorcycle, piloted by 56-year-old Andy Sills, of San Francisco, CA, reached an average speed of 173.57 mph and top speed of 176.789 mph after two runs on the vast, white plains, where hundreds of land speed records have been set and broken since the early 1900s in a variety of automobile and motorcycle classes.

The run was actually made on September 8th but had to be ratified to rules set forth by the Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM), the century-old, Swiss-based governing body for five motorcycling disciplines (road racing, motocross, trial, enduro and track racing).

You can read the full story at MPH magazine.

Finally....funny stuff
Do you remember when I wrote about the Mexican Police pulling over a motorcyclist whose passenger was deceased?

If it were at all possible, the story has gotten stranger. The authorities have charged the rider, Francisco Javier Salas Guerrero (36), with in fact killing the dead passenger, putting a put a helmet on him and strapped him to his back to make him look like a passenger. Salas then rode the motorcycle through the city and looked for a place to leave the body.

When Salas saw police patrols, however, he got nervous and lost control of the motorcycle, according to authorities. They said Salas ran off and hid in a parking lot, but returned and pretended to be a witness.

I wonder if Salas tried to use the 'pining for fjords' defense?

The entire story can be found at San Diego.com.

It's funny what you can find when you use motorcycle to search a site. For example;

Takes a while to get there, but watch it.


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brunoffrance said...

What a movie, incredible reality "show".
always reduce speed when you don't know the road...or the bridge. I hope the biker in life.
best regards from french HD biker.