Thursday, November 17, 2005

Welcome basket for the new neighbor

It seems to me that you can divide bikers into two groups. Those that are gung-ho about the type or brand of motorcycle they ride and the others who appreciate all bikes, regardless of what they themselves own and prefer. Actually last time I was in the same Harley dealership where I bought my deuce the salesperson (a woman) was telling my friend and I about the sports bike she was buying. Although she was keeping her Harley, the sports bike would be there for those times she just wanted to get out on the road and feel the acceleration.

Whereas the avid rider can't see beyond the brand or style of his or her preference, the open-minded biker is just glad there are people out there enjoying the thrill of riding.

Now the downside to being this appreciative of anything on two wheels is the rich chick shoe syndrome. You want to own one of everything.

If you told yourself that you should be patriotic and only buy American built (and I'm not going to go into that whole discussion here) then you could limit your envy-list simply because there weren't that many.

Yep, being an American built motorcycle (mass manufactured) was unique and a sparsely filled category. Some would even say this was one of the main reasons Harley Davidson has been as successful as it has.

But the neighborhood is getting a little more crowded. It feels like every time you turn around these days there's another American manufacturer bringing out a good looking line of motorcycles.

Indian Motorcycle has re-invented itself and promising models in the second half of 2006. Victory Motorcycles lays claim to Arlen Ness himself designing a model in their line-up, which is already nicely filled with six other models.

It's time for everyone to move over and make room for the new kid in town. Viper Motorcycles recently announced their 2006 advertising campaign and more importantly, information on what you and I can buy. Although they initially intended to have some assembly completed by Performance Assembly Solutions in Livonia, Michigan, the final decision was to keep it all under the roof of their Minnesota Headquarters.

So what do they have in store for the American public? The main model is the Diablo Power Cruiser with the Diablo PC being a low version of its big brother. Both the Diablo and the Diablo PC will be available with an optional 115, 128 or 152 all billet Viper engine. These engines are proprietary to Viper and offer innovative proprietary technology, short stroke big bore motors that develop more power while producing less heat.

The weight of the bike is light at a 'balanced' 600 lbs to offer excellent handling and also featuring a 6-speed transmission aswell as the Viper adjustable air-ride suspension.

There's no mention of how much the motorcycles will cost but Terry Nesbitt, President of Viper Motorcycle Company has promised to "introduce competitive prices and innovative dealer programs that we believe will set new industry standards."

They'll need those dealer programs since the only one mentioned on their website at the time of this blog entry is located in Arkansas.

However, it is a good looking motorcycle with options for some power between your legs and certainly has the qualities to start off as a classic. By that I partly mean you can only buy it in red, silver or black.

Here are the specs:
2005 Viper Diablo

Proprietary Billet Aluminum

2093cc/128 Cubic Inches

Air Cooled 45 degree V-Twin

Bore x Stroke:
4.25 x 4.50

Max Torque:
141 Foot Pounds

Max Horsepower:
128 HP

Mikuni HSR 45 Flat Slide

Tuned 2 into 1

Oil Capacity:
4.5 Quart Capacity Dry Sump

32 AMP Alternator with Interstate Battery

Primary Drive:
Proprietary Hydraulic Chain

Hydraulic High Performance Rivera

Final Drive:
Patented VHD System with Right-Hand Drive and High Performance Belt

Front Brake:
Single Disc with 4 Piston Billet Caliper and Stainless Steel Rotor

Rear Brake:
Single Disc with 4 Piston Billet Caliper and Stainless Steel Rotor

96 Inches

68 Inches

Seat Height:
24 Inches

34 Degrees

Dry Weight:

Front Suspension:
Marzocchi Inverted Adjustable Cartridge Forks

Rear Suspension:
Proprietary Billet Aluminum Swing Arm with Oil Dampened Adjustable Air Ride

Front Tire:
130 / 70-18 Metzler Radial

Rear Tire:
240 / 40-18 Metzler Radial

Viper Red / Viper Black / Viper Blue/Silver

So now now the important questions are, how much will they cost, what can you get for a kidney and where would I store it?

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