Saturday, November 19, 2005

Toy Runs and TV stars

As much as things change, they really don't.

Had a chance to go out with my biking buddy last night. He and I used to go out two or three times a week and get into whatever trouble we could find with some of my funniest, eyebrow raising stories happened with him there. So it was nice when we finally managed to get out and fall back into the routine of drinking hard and partying harder. Of course we ended up with a story to tell and although not the wackiest, certainly lends itself to 'it's a small world'.

While in conversation with some people, motorcycles inevitably came up when someone pointed to a hot looking girl the other side of the group. "She dates _____ from that motorcycle TV show _____!"

I looked in disbelief. "She dates _____, the old guy?" We were three quarters into the night and my diplomacy wasn't what it could've been.

They laughed, said yes and as far as I know, didn't throw me under the bus for my comment.

Small world and that TV personality is one lucky guy.

You think I was born when?
One of the more interesting conversations of the night occurred just between my buddy and I. You may remember that my buddy wasn't too keen on participating in the local Toy Run, so I was surprised when he asked if we were going to do it. Then I was shocked when he started talking about getting us a deal for only $300!

Okay, two questions; Three hundred dollars to participate in the Toy Run and you consider this a deal? Evidently it was a gold level of the charity event that would put you at some parties and in the front of the line for the ride.

Knowing how my buddy is, I graciously declined the three hundred dollar opportunity did emphasize I wanted to do the run and then made him promise he wouldn't go off and do something stupid like pay the three hundred dollars on my behalf. I'd rather not feel indebted to someone like that.

Excited though that he'll be coming along. We started talking about the bundling up you have to do to not only for the run but more so for riding in general as winter hits sunny Florida. On the back of a motorcycle is probably the only time you mention sweater and leather jacket in the same sentence in our neck of the woods.

It's nice to be talking about riding since forecasts of rain and another tropical storm expected to hit us Monday pretty much knocks out any notion of getting in the saddle this weekend. The bigger worry is that the tropical depression they're talking about is taking the same path as Wilma with all the same surrounding weather conditions that turned that system from a storm to a catagory three hurricane. Hopefully this one won't be as enthusiastic!

Too funny!
Here's a video to make you smile......

His girlfriend is a real dog....

Sorry...had to say it:):)!!

Be safe this weekend!

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