Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Can we mention Sturgis just ONE more time?

Dare I mention it? Sturgis......
Its not like I scour the internet or look in the real world for all things Sturgis, they just seem to pop up...I swear!!!!

Take tonight for instance. Going through the cable guide of whats on TV for a Tuesday evening and what do I see but something called 'Sturgis'. It was on the Travel channel, the special was filmed in 2000 and featured the range of bikers that go to the event including Peter Fonda, Paul Mitchell and Robbie Kneviel. It was good, more PG than I expected but this was the Travel Channel! If you haven't been to Sturgis or seen the special you should try and catch it. If you do though it'll have to be in the wee hours as the only other listing for it was at 1am in the morning of August 24th.

If you miss this, don't worry you can always catch The Great American Motorcycle: More than a brand, Harley-Davidson is a way of life for millions. Meet rebels, Hell's Angels, and easy riders at the Sturgis Rally in South Dakota, then drop in on a couple exchanging wedding vows straddling the fuel tank of a Road King Classic. It's airing September 21st at 6pm.

You think you've had some bad rides
A Pagosa Springs man was recovering at a hospital Monday after spending nearly 24 hours lying in a ravine along a rural roadway after injuries from a motorcycle accident left him unable to flag down motorists the Associated Press reported today.

The accident happened at the remote intersection of Archuleta County roads 500 and 700, an area called Pagosa Junction. Larry Joseph Fox, 66, of Pagosa Springs, fractured his hip, neck and collar bone, and injured his liver in the 7 p.m. Saturday accident, his wife Evelyn said. He wasn't discovered until about 5 p.m. Sunday. Read more............

But will falling foam damage it?
The Houston Chronicle reported that with a thunderous rumble, the sleek motorcycle, a two-wheeled replica of NASA's space shuttle, roared to life Monday, and American Chopper 's mustached patriarch Paul Teutul Sr. gingerly wheeled his latest theme bike through a tight circle of surging fans.

The rallying point was Space Center Houston, the official visitors complex for NASA's Johnson Space Center and possibly one of the last places someone might expect to go for the unveiling of a one-of-a-kind motorcycle.

The Discovery Channel will be airing a special on the bike and it's presentation to NASA on October 3rd and again on the 10th. The bike which was presented by Orange County Choppers even has it's own website with pictures!!

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