Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cheap Harleys and free bikes

Cheap Harley, Only one previous DUMB owner
It seems some lucky soul is going to get a 2004 Harley Davidson Softtail pretty cheap at an upcoming auction in South Dakota.

The motorcycle was seized on Aug. 4 when Whitewood officer Bill Wainman pulled over Ricky Savallisch, 53 of Grand Rapids, Mich. According to court records, Savallisch was originally stopped for allegedly participating in exhibition driving, as he spun his tires on the Whitewood Service Road bridge. But upon searching the man, Wainman allegedly discovered 1.5 grams of methamphetamine and Savallisch was immediately arrested.

Under state law, the owner is given the option to purchase the bike back after the seizure. The 2004 Harley Davidson Softtail was completely paid for, worth approximately $20,000 and was being offered back for $9,000. But since he did not buy the bike back the motorcycle will now go into a statewide auction, with part of the proceeds likely to go back to the city of Whitewood to purchase a new patrol vehicle.

If the Softail isn't your style read the entire story for news about the other Harley they seized towards the end of the rally in the Black Pioneer Hills.

Speaking of not so clever people
If your city prosecutor invited you to come and explain your side of a noise complaint from riding your motorcycle through the neighborhood at 2 or 3 in the morning, would you ignore him? If you did, how many times?

Michael Brandt of Lake Township Ohio did, three times.

Canton City Prosecutor Frank Forchione said he tried to mediate the problem, but Brandt refused to meet with him, an action that resulted in the disorderly conduct charge last week.

"We gave him three chances, and he did not cooperate," he said. "I took the case to the judge. Judge (John A.) Poulos found probable cause for disorderly conduct. If (Brandt) had cooperated with the prosecutors office, we would not be (in this situation) today. We really did try to resolve this thing."

Read this strange story in the

Make room at the light
Apparently with gas prices hitting $3 a gallon, SUV and truck drivers who're tired of driving their money away are considering motorcycles.

"I left Emerald Isle this morning, drove to Tarboro and then came down here to Kinston," said Michael Russell, a prospective buyer. "I spent $60 in gas for my truck. If I'd been on my bike, it would be $8 and I'd still have a half a tank left."

Lets just hope they include the cost of a motorcycle safety course in their new purchase.

The scariest part of the news article?

Karl Rouse rides his Vespa to his job with Delta Airlines at the Kinston Regional Jetport.

"This costs me about $10 a week, no license, no insurance - it's the best investment I ever made," Rouse said.

That has statistic written all over it. You can read the full report, sans sarcasm, at The Kinston Free Press.

He didn't even have to pay for his
Robert "Doc" Bagrowski arrived at the Loudoun Summer Music Fest in Ahburn, Virginia on Sunday in a car and left on his new Suzuki S50 motorcycle.

As a fundraiser for several Loudoun charities, Loudoun MotorSports has been selling raffle tickets all summer long for the bike giveaway. Bagrowski's name was drawn by Greg and Elyzabeth Voell, the husband-and-wife owners of Loudoun MotorSports, on stage at the Loudoun Summer Music Fest just prior to the Eddie Money concert.

Read the story at Loundoun Times-Mirror.

Isn't that Eddie Money in the back row supiciously eyeing up the new bike?

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do......
Short story so here's the report in full.

The Goshen Village Police Department (New York State) now has a fully equipped motorcycle thanks to a $9,500 member item from Assemblywoman Ann Rabbitt. Officials unveiled the BMW GS-P police motorcycle yesterday.

Chief James Watt said the vehicle will come in handy when maneuvering in tight spots in the growing village.

"Goshen is getting more and more congested downtown and we think it will facilitate patrol and access in accidents and any other type of congestion," he said. "Also, community events, our parks, Heritage Trail and in an emergency situation, we think it will be a real benefit for that."

Goshen Mayor Scott Wohl said the motorcycle is a "tremendous asset to the community."

Check out the two cops in the back wearing helmets. Probably working out how to decide who'll ride it first. Indian thumb wrestling? Rock, paper, scissors?

While on the subject of the Police
Jersey City police yesterday released details of Monday's shooting in the Greenville section of Jersey City in which a man riding a motorcycle was sent crashing to the pavement when he was targeted by bullets.

A police officer working an off-duty security detail at a construction site nearby was the first to reach the wounded man, reports said. The officer asked if he had been shot and the victim replied: "Yeah, in the leg. Now get away cause I don't (expletive) with the police," reports said.

Strange stuff. Although the Jersey Journal has the full story, it doesn't mention if the rider was wearing a helmet, what kind of motorcycle it was or even if this was the first time he'd dropped his bike. Obviously the reporter isn't a biker.

Wrapping up on a somber note
Calaveras County in California isn't the place to be on a motorcycle. The Calaveras Enterprise reports that there's been an increase in the amount of motorcycle accidents involving fatalities this year and details six such accidents.

I'm sure one the main reasons this story doesn't turn into an anti-motorcycle, helmet-law debate is that the CHP Officer quoted for the story, Bryan Duquesnel is lifelong motorcycle rider who's quoted as saying, "You can't ride beyond your ability and no matter how good of a rider you are, you can't just go out and drive like you're the road warrior."

Thank you for keeping some things in perspective.

And England is mourning the loss of teenage motorcyclist Christopher Jones who died as a result of the injuries he sustained in a pile-up at the start of the British 125cc Championship race at Cadwell Park. reports that Jones had completed the warm-up lap and was on the starting grid when the incident occurred. It is understood that his engine stalled as the race kicked off and he was hit by two riders who came up behind him. Seven other competitors then collided with the stranded bikers, bringing the race to a standstill.

Read the entire report at


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