Thursday, August 25, 2005

Something new, Something borrowed and something blue!

You might think from the headline on this blog I'm getting married or something like it, but no. Caught your attention though, huh!

Something New
You don't have to look any further than the revamped appearance for Bikers Diaries.

Because Blogger has a limited choice of blog templates when you initially sign up (what the blog will look like on the computer screen) Biker Diaries looked like a lot of other blogs out there. Between stumbling across's blog with a free template that caught my eye, wanting this blog to appear more like a handwritten diary and Harley Davidson retro'ing their bikes back to powder blacks, it all seemed to fall into place.

Now understand I've never written one line of code thats required to make a blog template and you'll appreciate the time it took me to take francey's original template to what you see on the screen now.

Actually the template counts as something borrowed as well!

Something Blue
You may or may not've noticed but Florida has a hurricane bearing down on us. Obviously everyone's hoping for the best which would be just a lot of rain and hopefully winds that aren't too high.

The very small and of course personal drawback to this impeding force of nature is that there will be no riding for a good couple of days. This in itself isn't much in the whole scheme of things, but as of the beginning of September I'm heading out of the country for two weeks. No sooner do I get back than I head out of state on business. No bike and no riding for over three weeks.

Theres the blue!

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James - said...

The site looks good. You are right, it really has a presence. But why aren't you riding during the 'cane? It seems like the perfect opportunity to get out of Florida and just ride.