Monday, August 15, 2005

This is SUPPOSED to be diary after all...

I know it seems that this blog is full of more whats going on around the nation (or this week...Sturgis) rather than about this new kid on the block and his Softail Deuce, so let me try and catch you up on some stuff that been happening.

Even though my bike is only five months old the salt air and occassional thunderstorm had some rust appearing on the spokes of my front wheel. I've obviously washed my bike since I bought it in March but between all the riding lately(2700 miles on the odometer already) and that thunderstorm on the way back from Naples did a dirty number on my baby. Not good. Ever since I first saw the few spots of rust appearing on the spokes about a month ago I'd been meaning to get over to my buddies house to clean it. Why my buddies house? Well he's nice enough to let me keep my bike in his garage away from the elements and he's always happy to give some helpful hints as I'm going along. It was the weekend before last when I finally got over there.

The stuff he suggested was Woodys boat Wax and when I used it with some soft brass wool not only did the rust come off leaving the chrome all purtty and shiny but it's supposed to protect it from the elements. I like that part, especially as I found out just how many spokes I had, rubbing and cleaning each of them individually! A long, hot and sweaty job but boy did it look nice when I was done. Of course fate was in a funny mood that day with the rain coming in as I was finishing up with the detailing so I couldn't take my baby out for a ride. Later this week I thought.


Had to go to Atlanta all week on business and as soon as I got back it was up to Orlando for my sisters Birthday treat at Universal Studios. The thought of taking my bike did cross my mind for a few minutes, but since the travelling would be done on a tight schedule (read driving very fast) and it was all Turnpike, the hassle outwieghed the pleasure.

Two interesting Bike Moments came from the trip though! Firstly I got to visit and of course buy a t-shirt from the Orlando Harley Davidson. Nice shop with each spotlight strategically hitting the chrome of every bike (of course) on the showroom floor. Seemed to have a lot of slightly used bikes, but nice seeing all the different ways the bikes were kitted out. You'd definitely walk away with a unique bike.

The second moment was watching the Terminator 4D action show. Of course I've seen it dozens of times before but this time I was trying to get a glimpse of the Fat Boy in the footage and on the stage!!

Funny how your world changes with a bike.

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