Monday, August 22, 2005

Weenie Bites, Sportster Giveaways and Vespa's...

I'm in Rhode Island so riding a bike must be a good thing!
It seems, depending on what part of the country you’re in is going to decide if motorcycles are the absolute evil, or just a harmless hobby.

It’s the police in Westerly, Rhode Island defending the trends in a recent spate of accidents there. As of last weekend, 10 people had died in 2005 in Rhode Island motorcycle accidents. ‘That number is the highest ever for the state, officials say.

Other sources fear there is a dangerous trend, starting with hi-tech bikes that lend themselves to speed, and more drivers switching to two wheels for the thrills or to save on gas. And all hope public safety officials recognize that motorcyclists may be adopting new patterns of behavior or taking on more risks than they can handle, and therefore need appropriate safeguards.’

But Westerly Police Sgt. Shawn Lacey believes the high number of recent motorcycle deaths are just circumstance.

"Things happen to come in spurts like that," he said.

Read the article in The Westerly Sun.

Who needs Sturgis?
What does it take to toss and catch a water balloon over a wire, strung one story-high, while riding on the back of a Harley Davidson?

How much hot dog can be bitten in the Weenie Bite?

These were answered in the competitions held to benefit the Porterville Museum at the third annual "Hot August Bikes" held in Porterville, CA. With over 350 participants and 120 bikes it was a cross between What a wonderful life and Easy Rider with even grandma and grandpa want to strap on biker gear and partake in biker games.

Read about it here in the Porterville Reporter.

But wait!! Theres more!!
Before you think they're having all the fun in Porterville you need to know about Harrodsburg, KY.

'Chiles Street is the place to be Saturday August 27th as motorcycle owners from all over central Kentucky converge here for Harrodsburg First's 11th Annual Motorcycle Meet. ' as reported in the Advocate Messenger today.

A Poker Run and a 2005 Harley Davidson 883 Sportster giveaway, it's all happenning in Kentucky!

Forget about Harley/Ninja Rivalery...what about those damned Vespa's!
It had to happen, the rest of the world realizing one of the upsides to riding is how much more financially easy it is filling the tank on a motorcycle.

So get ready for it, everyone and their grandmother on two wheels, and the Associated press isn't helping with their latest news story!

'As gasoline prices soar, the popularity of peppy, fuel-sipping motor scooters _ most easily get 50 miles per gallon and some of the smaller ones get up to 80 mpg _ is soaring. Sales, estimated at 86,000 last year in the U.S., have doubled from 2000, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.

(AP Photo/Joe Kafka) (Joe Kafka - AP)

Something tells me she's not digging out her Motorcycle Club

emblazened leather.

"I put about 20 miles a day on mine, and I only have to fill it up twice a month," said Jessica Meuchel, 23, who uses a scooter to deliver daily newspapers in Pierre, S.D. She bought the two-wheeler this spring because it was costing her $200 a month to fuel her truck.'

Read more about the latest edition into the two-wheeled world in the Washington Post.

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