Monday, August 15, 2005

Sturgis...we knew you well (sniff, sniff)

Sturgis 2005 is now just a fading memory to the attendees or maybe even a blurred hangover for others. From the cleared-out campgrounds to the barren bars here's what they were saying....

KELO Television reported that the weeklong event officially wrapped up on Sunday. Crime was slightly down around the rally this year. According to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, the number of DWI cases were also down, with just under 160 arrests.The number of citations also decreased by more than 100. There were about the same number of accidents both years.The number of fatal accidents didn't change at all. Both years, there were two fatal accidents in Sturgis during the rally.

The Rapid City Journal explains how they come with up with that magical number banded about for how many people came, 'Nobody knows exactly how many motorcycles roll into Sturgis for the annual motorcycle event. The oft-cited figure of 500,000 bikers is based on South Dakota Department of Transportation traffic counters that are placed on all routes leading into Sturgis during rally week.Last year, 515,000 vehicles rolled over the inbound traffic counters during rally week. Many were carrying more than one person. But the actual number of motorcycles at the rally was much lower — unless everybody rode into town only once and none of the vehicles were beer trucks or cars driven by locals' as wells as give us who have never had the pleasure of being to South Dakota let alone Sturgis some idea of what the town and surrounding area is like.

Washington had a four page article (okay they were small pages, but still) on Sturgis and not only painted a great picture..'Chrome gleamed in the pitiless sun on the midway field where the big machines were parked in long, kickstand-tilted ranks. Fenders hawked leather accessories, tattoos, jewelry, knives, spare parts and T-shirts with naughty slogans. Bands played rock-and-roll from two stages.' but also spoke to some very interesting characters!

In case people get the wrong idea that Sturgis was all about wine, women and sin the reported that 'members of the Christian Motorcyclists Association are making the rounds of Black Hills hospitals during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally week'.

And finally...for those who didn't make it to Sturgis ABATE held it's 15th annual Too Broke to Go to Sturgis Rodeo & Campout as reported in the Quad City Times.

But what do the people who couldn't make the Rodeo and who couldn't make Sturgis get????

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