Monday, August 22, 2005

When a Deuce isn't a Deuce

One of the highlights of my Sunday ride (right here in case you missed it) was stumbling across this work of art.

It was an '05 Deuce when he started but boy did he put a lot of love and of course money into it.

A picture can't capture the vibrant blue and detail that went into the custom paint job. Some of the other more notable things he changed, and all I could see without drooling too much over the bike. It was a public place after all:

- Lowered the bike by a couple of inches. This makes the Deuce look like a drag racer.
- Pipes
- Removed the standard tail light and put two sidelights for the brake and indicators.
- Seat.
- Rims, handlebars, mirrors, pegs and something very cool....
- Headlight longer and more streamlined giving the bike an appearance of moving while it was parked there in the lot.

Heres a better look at the paintwork and you can just see the headlight.

Sweet ride!

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